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Gift box "Happy Mama" - The gift for pregnant women

Gift box "Happy Mama" - The gift for pregnant women

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Gift box "Happy Mama" - The gift for pregnant women

The "Happy Mama" gift box is the perfect gift for pregnant women. Five thoughtful gifts accompany the expectant mother until the baby is born and in the first few months. For anticipation and mindful preparation for the big moment.

The beautiful gift box contains:

1) Sleep mask "Shhh... Mom is sleeping"

The sleep mask with the cute inscription "Shhh...Mom is sleeping!" ensures a relaxed sleep during pregnancy and afterwards. The integrated gel pad can be either heated or cooled and can bring comfort to mom's sleep routine or provide relief from facial swelling and headaches.

2) Decorative tattoos for the baby bump

The baby bump photo shoot is waiting! Mommy-to-be can let off steam with the cute motifs, take selfies, have her photo taken or simply wear the tattoos in a visible place. The temporary decorative tattoos can be applied in 20 seconds and simply put you in a good mood. There is also something for the future dad. The adhesive tattoos are made in Austria, vegan, not tested on animals and their skin-friendliness is dermatologically confirmed. Tattoos and packaging are 100% biodegradable. Enjoy the magical time of your pregnancy with us and give your favorite mommy-to-be many beautiful moments before the birth of her baby.

You can also order the mommy tattoos separately from us: Order mommy body tattoos

3) Mommy Countdown Book - to participate & relax

The Mommy Countdown Book is a colorful mix of entertainment, mindfulness, relaxation and inspiration.

The 108 pages in the Mommy Countdown book include:

♥ Writing inspiration for reflection and to strengthen well-being

♥ Fill-in pages about pregnancy and baby, for beautiful memories of the time before and after birth

♥ Puzzles and coloring pages to switch off & relax

♥ DIY recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails and beauty rituals

♥ And more mommy things...

You can also order the book separately from us: Order the Mommy Countdown Book

4) Bamboo socks in partner look

"Mini Me" and "Mami Me" are not only connected in the heart with the socks for mom and baby. Whether for relaxing before the birth with a cup of cocoa or after the birth in a matching look - these bamboo socks are just too cute! And mom's eyes are guaranteed to sparkle when they unpack them. The socks simply make it even more real that the little life will soon be on its way into this world and that they can relax together in the postpartum period.

You can also order the socks separately from us: Order bamboo socks

5) 25 milestone cards

Milestones should be celebrated. These lovingly designed cards are perfect for this, because in the last few weeks the expectant mother will have so many wonderful milestones ahead of her!
The current card can be placed in a special place or photographed in a beautiful setting. This way, friends and family can be kept up to date with the current status in style.
The backs contain suggestions for filling out the cards. This way you can create many wonderful keepsakes for later.

The gift box for pregnant women is an all-round great surprise. Versatile, entertaining and thoughtful - for great preparation for the wonderful time with the new baby.

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Feel good

Pregnant women do amazing things and that is why it is particularly important to us to accompany expectant mothers in a mindful and relaxed way until the birth.

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