Join the Countdown Calendar team.

We are currently looking for:

A reliable temporary worker (m/f/d) for 10-12 hours/week.
You can arrange your working hours flexibly within our office hours (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm).

We are looking for you for...

...filling and packing the individual calendar boxes

You are a good fit for us if

• you enjoy wrapping presents and have the skills to create beautiful decorations (e.g. tying small bows).
• you reliably adhere to the procedure/specifications of the individual packaging steps
• you work very carefully and get things done quickly
• After your training, you will be able to see for yourself where your help is needed.
• you can regularly schedule working hours into your everyday life

You get

• motivated colleagues who enjoy their work and love the product.
• Flexibility to organize your working hours independently

Interested and/or questions?

Please contact
Phone: 030 / 64 07 42 14