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Mami Countdown Kalender

Mommy Countdown Calendar™

Mommy Countdown Calendar™

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Lots of love and twelve beautiful, imaginative gifts that will enrich the waiting time during pregnancy! All gifts bring inspiration, relaxation and mindfulness for the mom-to-be. This box deliberately contains gifts for the expectant mom herself and no baby items. We think that's particularly important, because moms do great things and should definitely be pampered. In addition, you don't run the risk of giving baby equipment twice ;). If you want to know exactly, you can see the contents of the mommy countdown calendar here look - but if you want to be surprised, don't look too closely!


Do you want to give something personal before the birth or for a baby shower? Then click on the "Personalize the calendar" button at the top of this product page and you will be taken to our product configurator. Choose your personal message: Have the inside of the calendar printed with the baby's name, the parents' name, a meaningful quote or an ultrasound image if you wish. ♥

The piece of jewelry can also be engraved if you wish.

You can also create an individual greeting card text in the configurator.

The Mommy Countdown Calendar – the pampering box for expectant mommies

Becoming a mom is one of the most exciting and wonderful things in the world! There is so much to organize and the anticipation of the baby increases by the minute. Would you like to treat yourself or an expectant mom to a thoughtful gift? Then let the Mommy Countdown Calendar pamper you in the last trimester of your pregnancy.

With the Mommy Countdown Calendar, 12 surprises await the mommy-to-be until she finally holds the little miracle in her hands:

♥ 12 lovingly selected gifts for the expectant mother

♥ Waiting time shortener

♥ Encouraging affirmations and small relaxation rituals for mindfulness

♥ Unisex

♥ Designed and manufactured in Germany

♥ For even more anticipation: an extraordinary gift for pregnant women

♥ We support the Berlin project "Welcome-Baby-Bags" with 1€ per calendar sold

♥ becomes a memory box/keeping box after birth

The pregnancy countdown works like an Advent calendar: Behind each door there is a gift, an affirmation and suggestions as to how the mom-to-be can use the gifts for herself. From week to week of pregnancy, the pregnant woman can open one door and enjoy a little moment of peace and anticipation.

The intensive phase before birth is something very special and the expectant mother deserves to enjoy it: this box will be her magical companion in the last exciting weeks! The calendar therefore only contains products for the mother and no joke or baby items. The unisex calendar box is therefore something for all expectant mothers, regardless of whether they are expecting a boy, a girl or multiples.

The Mommy Countdown Calendar accompanies the pregnant woman in the last 12 weeks, i.e. a full 3 months, before the birth, so you can start opening the first box from the 29th week of pregnancy. Even if you start later, that's no problem. You can simply treat yourself to 2 presents a week, for example.

The calendar includes a wonderful piece of jewelry for mom. When ordering, choose whether you want it made of silver-colored stainless steel or gold-plated stainless steel.

Enjoy the magical time of your pregnancy with us and give your favorite mommy-to-be many beautiful moments before the birth of her baby. ♥

Frequently asked questions

All questions about the Mommy Countdown Calendar will be answered here.

What is the Mommy Countdown Calendar?

It's very simple: The Mommy Countdown Calendar works like an Advent calendar for moms-to-be. In the last trimester (last 12 weeks), the mommy-to-be opens a door every week and is spoiled with a lovely gift for herself.

What’s in the Mommy Countdown Calendar?

Lots of love and twelve beautiful, imaginative gifts that will enrich the waiting time during pregnancy! All gifts bring inspiration, relaxation and mindfulness for the mom-to-be. This box deliberately contains gifts for the pregnant woman and no baby items. This is particularly important to us, as expectant moms do amazing things and should definitely be pampered. In addition, you don't run the risk of giving baby equipment twice ;). If you want to know exactly, you can seethe contents of the mommy countdown calendar here - but if you want to be surprised, don't look too closely!

Who can give the Mommy Countdown Calendar as a gift?

... expectant mothers who consciously want to bring more mindfulness and/or pampering moments into the last exciting weeks of their pregnancy. Just give yourself the box as a gift!

... dads/moms-to-be who want to give their partner more relaxation in the exciting weeks leading up to the birth

... friends of the mommy-to-be who are looking for a very special gift for the baby shower.

... the expectant grandmas and grandpas who want to sweeten the pregnancy of their daughter or daughter-in-law and remind them to think about themselves and treat themselves to something.

colleagues of the expectant mother who are looking for an original alternative to the diaper cake as a maternity leave gift.

When should I give the calendar as a gift?

You can give the Mommy Countdown Calendar as a gift at any time during the pregnancy, because in addition to the gifts for the last 12 weeks (which start from the 29th week of pregnancy), there is also a mini Mommy Countdown Calendar in the form of a booklet to cross off from the 1st week of pregnancy. So you can give the calendar as a gift much earlier than 12 weeks before the birth.

Can I personalize the Mommy Countdown Calendar?

Of course! Make your gift something really special by adding the name of the child, the parents, the due date, a beautiful quote or a photo to the inside lid of the calendar box. For an additional “wow effect” when unpacking, you can also have the included piece of jewelry beautifully engraved and/or add a photo to the locket. Click here for the super duper configurator. Click on the “Personalize the calendar” button on the product page .

If you need help with your personalization, please contact us here.

Can I still give the Mommy Countdown Calendar as a gift after the 29th week of pregnancy?

Absolutely! The doors can also be opened more frequently if the pregnancy is further along. It is important to pay attention to the order of the boxes. You start with the 12th door and then go backwards to number 1.

What if the baby is born early?

If the baby cannot wait and is born sooner, the remaining doors can be opened all at once, daily or still weekly. The new mother will certainly be happy to receive small gifts during the postpartum period.

Is there a "twin/multiple edition" of the calendar?

Of course! If you are expecting multiples, simply indicate in the "Comments" section of your order that you need the calendar for twins, triplets, quadruplets... Alternatively, you can also use the contact form .

Is there a "boys" or "girls" version of the calendar?

With one exception, the countdown calendar only contains gifts for the lucky mom-to-be. The gift for mom and baby is designed to be gender-neutral.

How and how quickly will the calendar be sent?

Each mommy countdown calendar is beautifully packaged in tissue paper in a secure box and sent by DHL Go Green . Without personalization, the calendar will be with you within 1-2 working days . We will send you a link to track your shipment by email (also check your spam folder) or SMS, depending on which contact form you specify when ordering. Personalized calendars with your desired text, photo and/or engraving require an additional week of processing time. (If you need the calendar more quickly, please send us an email and we will try to make your wish possible). We also include a beautiful greeting card with the calendar, on which you can either write a few kind words by hand. Or you can use our configurator in advance. The greeting card will then be sent to you already personalized and printed.

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping within Germany, Austria and Switzerland is free of charge for you and is covered by us.

You can find more information about shipping here /policies/shipping-policy

Can I send the calendar to someone else as a gift?

Of course! When you place your order, you can simply specify a preferred delivery address to which we will then automatically send the calendar. Of course, the invoice will only be sent to you by email.

Can I have the calendar wrapped as a gift?

Yes! If you want to make your gift perfect, you can optionally select gift wrapping during the ordering process. The calendar will then be wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper and provided with a bow and a gift tag.

Can I include a personal message?

Yes, absolutely! You can design your own personal greeting card using the personalization configurator or you can enter a text under "Comments" when placing your order, which we will then print on the greeting card and include in the package. The greeting cards are part of our service and are processed at no extra charge.

You always talk about affirmations. What is that?

Each door of the calendar also contains a countdown attention card with a short text about the gift and how the recipient can best use it for themselves. Each card also contains a so-called affirmation, i.e. a motivating, positive sentence that fits the respective week of pregnancy. Affirmations - spoken several times quietly or out loud - bring calm, joy and mindfulness.

Why is this calendar also a memory box?

Each of the 12 boxes still has a little secret. If you turn them over , you can find a place to write something on the back. This way, the first little shoes, the favorite pacifier, greeting cards, photos and all the other treasured memories of pregnancy and the baby's first months can find a nice place to store them in the individual boxes.

The due date is still a while away?

You can sign up for ourreminder email service , which will remind you at the right time to treat yourself or a mom-to-be to a calendar. With the scratch-off calendar booklet, which is included in the Mommy Countdown Calendar, you can also start your personal countdown from the first week of pregnancy.

How long does it take to deliver a personalized mommy countdown calendar?

When ordering a personalization, you should expect a delivery time of approximately 5 - 10 days. In addition to the usual 1 - 2 days for shipping, there is also the production time for your very individual box design.

Can I leave out or replace a door?

If you think that the contents of one of the boxes do not suit the mom-to-be and/or you would like to fill a door with something personal, please contact us here.
Then we will definitely find a good solution!

However, to ensure that the Mommy Countdown Calendar remains our baby - developed with lots of love - this really only works for individual boxes!

My question has not been answered here yet - what now?

Write us your question at or use our contact form. Our hardworking mommy elves will get back to you very quickly.

Did you know already?

It is an open secret that the Mommy Countdown Calendar is designed to sweeten the last 12 weeks of pregnancy.
But it can do much more!

Did you know already, …


... that every mommy countdown calendar comes to you wrapped in delicate tissue paper and with a "Happy Mama" sticker? This way it not only arrives safely at its destination, but also ready to be given as a gift.

The Mommy Countdown Calendar is delivered to you ready to give as a gift in delicate tissue paper.


… that each calendar comes with a matching greeting card, which can be personalized with a message for the recipient?
When placing your order, simply enter your desired text in the comments section or use the personalization function to create your own greeting card.

Have a suitable greeting card included free of charge, on which you can write a few loving lines for the mother receiving the gift.


... that to create the right mood and add that extra bit of mindfulness, each of the 12 boxes contains a countdown attention card with a wonderful description of how the contents of this door can be best used? In addition, there is a suitable affirmation every week that puts the mom-to-be in the mood for positive thoughts.

You will not only be prepared for the birth of your child with gifts, every week you will receive a motivational card with affirmations that will put you in the right mindset.


... that the expectant mother can start her personal anticipation countdown from the first week of pregnancy thanks to a suitable scratch-off calendar? This mini mommy countdown calendar in the form of a booklet can be used up to the 42nd week of pregnancy.

You can start your personal countdown with a scratch-off calendar from the first week of pregnancy. From the last trimester onwards, the mommy countdown calendar will spoil you with gifts.


... that you can specify an individual delivery address when ordering? This way, you can have your mom-to-be's calendar sent to her home, while the invoice is conveniently emailed to you.


…that you have 4 options to make your calendar even more unique and individual? Make your gift something very special by

The first option is to have the inside cover of the calendar box printed. You can add the child's name, a nice quote, an ultrasound picture, a photo... and make the calendar box really personal.

and/or as a second option, have the back of the medallion chain engraved with an individual text message.

and/or as a third option you can design the inside of the medallion chain with a personal photo or text

and/or as a fourth option, you can design a free greeting card .

For these 4 options, simply click on the “Personalize the calendar” button on the product and design the box exactly as you wish!

If you wish, you can have the inside lid of the calendar box personalized, e.g. with a saying or ultrasound image.

Even more personalization ideas:
- "Born 2022"
- "Mommy est. 2022"
- "1+1=3"
- "Hamburger/ Berliner/ Cologne/ ... Original"
- "For Nina's Baby Shower 17.09.2022 from your girls"
- a picture of mommy & daddy
- a picture from the baby bump shoot


.... that you can use the calendar box to store all your baby memories? But the magnetic box isn't the only place you can store your pregnancy treasures and your baby's favorite things. The 12 small boxes can also be labeled on the back and used to store small keepsake jewels.

You can use the Mommy Countdown Calendar after the birth to keep your pregnancy mementos.


… that you can use ourreminder email service if your last trimester is still a long way off?


… that the Mommy Countdown Calendar spoils the mommy-to-be with valuable gifts over 3 months and accompanies them with mindfulness affirmations?


… that the Mommy Countdown Calendar is designed, produced and lovingly packaged by hand in Berlin?


...that the Mommy Countdown Calendar can be given as a gift, regardless of whether the mommy-to-be is having a boy or a girl? The box is designed to pamper the mom-to-be, so all of the contents are tailored to her needs.

Gift service

Shipping to a different delivery address

Shipping to a different delivery address is no problem. Invoices are also sent by email so that the recipient does not see them.

Gift wrapping

Each Mommy Countdown Calendar is lovingly packaged in semi-transparent tissue paper for protection.

On top we offer a special wrapping service in high-quality gift paper with a bow for 3.50 EUR.

Greeting card

We send every Mommy Countdown with a free greeting card. You can choose whether we should send the card with or without text. If you design the greeting card using the configurator, you can even insert pictures.


Do you have any questions? Send us an email to or call us on 030 484 77 888 - we look forward to hearing from you!

Shipping & Delivery Time

Are you unsure? Then please send us an email to

Standard delivery time: 1-2 working days within Germany. Delivery time with personalization: 7-9 working days within Germany

Free shipping for standard shipping to Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

DHL Express: DHL Express: Delivery on the next working day if ordered before 2 p.m. ATTENTION: does not apply to personalizations, due to production the delivery time is then 5 - 8 working days

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Feel good

Pregnant women do amazing things and that is why it is particularly important to us to accompany expectant mothers in a mindful and relaxed way until the birth.

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    The Mami Countdown products are designed, manufactured and hand-packaged with a lot of passion in Berlin.

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