What's inside? Contents of the Mommy Countdown Calendar

lPssst... Moms should close their eyes - otherwise the surprise will be ruined. ;) Below we have listed the products hidden behind each of the 12 doors of the Mommy Countdown Calendar. So if you want to treat yourself to the calendar, then don't read any further.

If you want to give the Mommy Countdown Calendar as a gift and want to know what is in each of the 12 doors, then you can of course read on!

By the way: In addition to the 12 gifts, each door also contains ideas on how the expectant mother can best use the relaxing energies of the surprises and which affirmations could accompany her through the week.

Sleep mask "Shhh... Mom is sleeping"

The sleep mask with the cute inscription "Shhh...Mom is sleeping!" ensures a relaxed sleep during pregnancy and afterwards. The integrated gel pad can be either heated or cooled and can bring comfort to mom's sleep routine or provide relief from facial swelling and headaches.

Shhh... Take a mommy break with the silky sleep mask with removable cooling pad.

Sleeping mask with gel pad for pregnant women

Rituals Tummy Cream © - Exclusive care for the belly

The Tummy Cream from RITUALS is proven to help prevent and reduce stretch marks. The cream is hypoallergenic, vegan, dermatologically tested and made with a particularly mild formula made from many organic ingredients.

The essence of rice milk leaves skin soft and supple and gives it a healthy glow. The sweet almond oil it contains is mild and rich in vitamins and proteins. This light oil nourishes and soothes the skin.

With the Rituals Tummy Cream you can care for your baby bump and prevent stretch marks.

The Tummy Cream is part of the Tiny Rituals range. The Tiny Rituals collection was created to give little ones a great start in life - not just our own children, but also less privileged children in India. 10% of the proceeds from every Tiny Rituals product sold is donated to the Tiny Miracles Foundation, which makes small miracles come true in the Pardeshi community near Mumbai. This financial support enables the Pardeshi community to finance doctors, teachers, medicines and more.

Decorative tattoos for the baby bump

The baby bump photo shoot is waiting! Mommy-to-be can have fun with the cute motifs, take selfies, have her photo taken or simply wear the tattoos in a visible place. The temporary decorative tattoos can be applied in 20 seconds and simply put you in a good mood. There is also something for the future dad.

The adhesive tattoos are made in Austria, vegan, not tested on animals and their skin-friendliness is dermatologically confirmed. Tattoos and packaging are 100% biodegradable. To the tattoos.

Love in the bellyBaby belly tattoos

Mommy Countdown Book - to participate & relax

The Mommy Countdown Book is a colorful mix of entertainment, mindfulness, relaxation and inspiration.

What awaits you in the Mommy Countdown Book? 108 pages with:

♥ Writing inspiration for reflection and to strengthen well-being

♥ Fill-in pages about pregnancy and baby, for beautiful memories of the time before and after birth

♥ Puzzles and coloring pages to switch off & relax

♥ DIY recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails and beauty rituals

♥ And more mommy things...

The book is included as a softcover in the Mommy Countdown and can also be ordered separately as a hardcover .

Mommy Countdown Book to Join in & Relax
Journaling for pregnant women

Mom-Relax Lavender Roll-on

The Mom Relax lavender oil combines essential lavender oil with pure coconut and jojoba oil. As part of aromatherapy during pregnancy, the oil helps you relax, fall asleep, relieves skin irritations, navel pain and can reduce tension in the breasts. The practical roll-on bottle is also ideal for on the go. The oil is made from 100% natural ingredients, without parabens, silicones, preservatives or fragrances. In addition, it is dermatologically tested, vegan and absolutely not tested on animals. To the lavender oil

Lavender roll-on for pregnant women

Bamboo socks in partner look

"Mini Me" and "Mami Me" are not only connected in the heart with the socks for mom and baby.

Whether you're relaxing before the birth with a cup of cocoa or wearing a matching outfit after the birth - these bamboo socks are just too cute! And mom's eyes are guaranteed to sparkle when they're unpacked. The socks make it even more real that the little life will soon be on its way into this world and that they can relax together in the postpartum period.

Mini Me Bamboo SocksBamboo socks partner look mommy and babyMommy and baby socks in partner look

Medallion "Close to your heart" for photos etc.

What mom keeps in this locket she will always carry close to her heart! It is a little nostalgic to wear meaningful photos or locks of hair around your neck as keepsakes. It can become a beloved piece of jewelry full of stories and memories. The two engraved flowers symbolize mom & baby.

The beautiful medallion is made of high-quality stainless steel, making it particularly durable and can even be worn while showering or doing sports. You can choose between stainless steel or gold-plated stainless steel.

In addition, the medallion can also be personalized with a personal engraving inside or on the back.

Even moms-to-be who don't like wearing jewelry can simply keep the medallion as a good luck charm or hang it in a nice place, for example near the changing table, and thus indulge in the anticipation.

Medallion Countdown Calendar

Medallion opened

Mommy plates for snacking

Every mom-to-be deserves her own snack plate! There's room for the pickle next to the chocolate - because no one should be ashamed of pregnancy cravings. Thanks to the sweet label "For Mom only!" everyone knows that the treats are just for mom. Tip: Especially practical at night when she wakes up with a growling stomach and has already laid out a midnight snack on the bedside table!

After the birth, it is perfect for everything that is really only meant for "Mom". Jewelry also likes to be on it.

Plate For Mom only

25 milestone cards

Milestones should be celebrated. These lovingly designed cards are perfect for this, because in the last few weeks the expectant mother will have so many wonderful milestones ahead of her!
The current card can be placed in a special place or photographed in a beautiful setting. This way, friends and family can be kept up to date with the current status in style.
The backs contain suggestions for filling out the cards. This way you can create many wonderful keepsakes for later.

Milestone Cards Mommy Countdown Calendar
Fill out milestone cards Mommy countdown calendar

Mommy bag - Always have everything you need with you

If your handbag is in chaos, this small organizer bag made of eco-linen can help. The cute "mommy stuff" embroidery gives you an idea of ​​what can go in here. Maternity pass, pregnancy vitamins, nutritional supplements, snacks for your circulation, hair ties, nursing pads, panty liners, all important phone numbers such as gynecologist, hospital and midwife.
A practical little accessory that will still be incredibly useful after pregnancy! Washable at 30 degrees.
Bag Mommy stuff

A special place for ultrasound images etc.

The clipboard has a cute design and can be used on the fridge, dining table, window sill or bedside table! You can put so many things on the clipboard: ultrasound pictures, to-do lists, phone lists, drawings or milestone cards. A little place for the beautiful and important things of a mom-to-be.

The clipboard is the perfect place for your child's ultrasound pictures or as a wall decoration along with your milestone cards.

Wondercake © for the mini party to go in the hospital bag

The little cake with the inscription Hip-Hip-Hooray is the perfect accompaniment for the hospital bag, because in the 42nd week at the latest there is something to celebrate!

This is how the mini party on the go works: Simply insert the sparkler provided, light it and then put the sweet treat into mom's tummy to take with you. The package contains everything you need for a party-to-go: delicious cake, sparkler, match and spoon.

Wondercake is made in Germany in cooperation with the disabled workshops of Lebenshilfe eV

Wondercake Mini Party to go for the hospital bag
Cake for the postpartum period Wondercake

Scratch calendar "Mini Countdown"

Thanks to the enclosed scratch-off calendar with a personal anticipation countdown, the mom-to-be can start the countdown from the 1st week of pregnancy and happily draw a heart around the week each week. This mini mommy countdown calendar can be used up to the 42nd week of pregnancy.

You can start your personal countdown with a scratch-off calendar from the first week of pregnancy. From the last trimester onwards, the mommy countdown calendar will spoil you with gifts.